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About Franklin Flood

At Franklin Flood we pride ourselves on being unparalleled experts in all things related to flood insurance. Since 2001 we have built a reputation as a one-stop shop for property owners and independent agents that require assistance placing flood insurance policies in a cost effective manner. No policy is too big or too small and our team of in-house flood specialists have seen it all. Oh yeah, one more thing…we’re super easy to do business with too!

NFIP (FEMA) vs. Private Flood Insurance

For many years FEMA’s NFIP flood insurance program was the only game in town. Policyholders would dread getting their flood insurance bill every year knowing they had no choice but to pay it. In recent years, this has changed. The flood insurance industry now has dozens of private insurers offering the same coverage at much more affordable rates. Most lenders that mandate coverage in flood zones are also accepting this coverage in lieu of FEMA’s costlier policy. So, if you own property in a flood zone and think you are stuck with a FEMA policy – you finally have other options.

Let Us Shop For You!

We’re all familiar with the concept of tossing the spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, right? Shopping for flood insurance is no different. There are now dozens of companies offering coverage and contacting each provider on your own to see what policy is best for you could take hours of your time. One call (or email!) to us will begin the process in which our in-house flood specialists shop your coverage with all of our FEMA and private markets to see where the spaghetti sticks for you. This process of comparing rates is completely free of charge and there is no obligation to buy. If you wish to move forward with our policy we handle all the paperwork, and if you are switching out of a costlier policy we will assist you in getting it cancelled as well as notifying your lender of the switch. Like I said, we’re super easy to do business with!

Flood Insurance For Homeowners, Renters & Businesses

Flooding is on the rise throughout the United States and around the world. Many parts of the country are experiencing record precipitation and record high water. But if you have seen the evening news or visited any of your favorite internet news outlets, you already know that. Whether you blame global warming or just a cycle shift in the climate, the cause is not what’s on your mind when there’s 3 feet of water on the first floor of your home or business. All you’re thinking about is how to get your life back on track.

While nothing can stop the pain and inconvenience a flood can cause, flood insurance can help you get back on track, help you reclaim your life and move forward without the need for government disaster aid. Which, by the way, is basically a loan that must be repaid with interest. Don’t needlessly mortgage your future because of a flood, get insured now and there will be one less thing in life to worry about.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Very pleased with the timely response from the Franklin Flood team. Our world was turned upside down with a flood this past summer, but they gave us hope and our life is back to a sense of normalcy again.

We had no idea how frightening this experience would be, but with one simple phone call to Franklin Flood, we felt a sense of calm and knew we were in good hands. They guided us through the entire cleanup process.

We purchased flood insurance and never knew how valuable this would be to our family. When all seemed lost, the people at Franklin Flood were there to comfort us and assist during our rebuild of our new home.



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